*continued Also, it really does get better. I know our problems are very different but I'm a lot better now. I guess I just don't let the past get me to anymore. Don't worry about this shit you can't change. It's pointless. I had a very bad day yesterday and an even worse night but today I was in a great mood. You just gotta work through it 😘

*sigh* yeah it doesn’t help to stress over the past but stressing over the future is my worst issue I think. I’m really glad you’re doing good and I just really hope in a year I can look back at my freaking tumblr and be surprised at how depressed I was :p thanks for the message bae!

So I went to a therapist once. My mom made me go because she finally noticed my depression after her and my dad got divorced and when the therapist started asking me stuff, all I could do was cry because I realized how deep my problems really went. Like, literally that therapist probably got 10 words out of me and that was all because I couldn't stop crying. That was the only time I ever went. I'm not trying to scare you because obviously were two different people, just telling you my experience

I’m just a mess of a thing
and you still want me,
Because you get to clean me up?
Because you get to watch
the show?
Or is it because, even if you
mess me up,
no one would be able to tell
the difference?


To the anon below, I just realized you said BEST friend. In that case, tell her her hair looks like shit. Because if you can’t say that to her then i’m not sure you’re using the correct definition of best friend bae.

HELP! My best friend just dyed her hair from this pretty blonde color to a not so flattering shade of some type of Kool-aide red... Should.I respond honestly if she asks if I like it?

Make a shit sandwhich. Tasty buns with shit in the middle.
‘Do you like it?’
‘Yeah. I liked your blonde hair ALOT better, but this is nice.’

Death is a debt all men must pay.

You’ve held my hand at 3a.m.
so that I wouldn’t trip up on smooth
You’ve seen me naked, clothed in
patterns etching across my body
as the curtains detail the light of the moon.
You’ve fumbled with zippers and buttons, smoke so thick in the air
that we could barely find each others mouths.
You’ve seen me broken, and grinning
and loud
with salt water and black ink on my cheeks, so wasted with wishing
that i’d forgotten how to speak.
you have never seen me clearly.
You’ve never seen me on saturday afternoons
with covers pulled over my head, trying to get back to the dream
slipping through my fingers.
You’ve never seen me walk home from school,
a single earphone in my ear, while I skip through half the songs
on my playlist.
You’ve never seen me spend hours on my computer
watching anime, toes curled over the vent under my desk,
humming along to the theme songs.
Yes, you’ve seen me in the vulnerable, dirty, hours
but you haven’t seen me
in the soft ones.
And though its nice to knock teeth with liquor on your breath, honey
don’t you know?
The moon isn’t brighter
than the sun.
it’s hard to see in the dark

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This is literally one of my most favourite movies in the world. ‘Why live when you can rule?’ - The Kings of Summer

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Pleasures of the body have limits, but pleasures of the mind are infinite.
Psycho Pass

*rolls eyes at your teacher response* ok then, whats your name?

*rolls eyes at sensei’s response* I am without purpose, without soul, and without heart, so why should I not be without name?
(honestly I just don’t like my name, and since my self esteem is lower than a gold mine, i’d rather not say it, if that’s okay?)

Could I ask your name?

Idk, can you?