Moving poetry night into a 24hr thing so its not postponed im just really tiree and gave to sleep but i will continue soon as i wake up for tonorrow and all tonorrow night! Love ya

There’s no poetry
in skipping a meal.
There’s no magic, no passion,
in an empty stomach.
I’m just hungry
because i’m
fuck starving artists, i’m not art

send me your poetry/requests - What Is Sadness?

How can you tell me
‘those scars won’t fade’
as if I don’t already fucking know?
How can you think
it’s just a phase,
when my body is as mutilated
as my mind?
How can you call me weak
when I spend hours,
breaking the skin
that holds me together?
How can you say
a damned thing?
i need someone who won’t try to help me with words, words don’t help at all

send me your poetry/requests - What Is Sadness?

They say that
are the roadmaps
to the soul.
My scars
are a klaidescope
pointing in every
so where does that put
my soul?
where do i begin, to find myself?

send me your poetry/requests - What Is Sadness?

It took a while,
maybe it took too long.
I used to think
that all I really needed, was for you to like me back.
That would be good enough.
I thought, if you’d just
kiss me,
that would be
good enough.
I have you, it’s happened,
your mine,
i’m yours,
isn’t that good enough?
I don’t know anymore.
Will we just fade away?
Will we crash into a mess of limbs
and flames?
Whatever happens,
things are going to change
and I don’t know if we should even
to make this work;
Not because I don’t want to,
but because
i’m not sure it will be
good enough.
for anon and long distance lovers ‘all the time we’ve wasted is now all the time we’ve lost’

send me your poetry/requests - What Is Sadness?

The guy I like and I are just now getting together and we like each other a lot, but I'm moving two states away in a few days and we don't know if we want to try a LDR. Even though we Skype a lot I'm going to miss him tons, do you think you could write a poem on this? I'm pretty bad with poetry haha please and thank you

Of course omfg don’t make me cry!

It’s surreal,
isn’t it? How it’s all so different
from the movies.
There’s no icepick,
to dig you out.
The phone calls
and letters
aren’t tragically romantic.
And you
are so damned far away,
it’s surreal.
The sky is so much heavier
and even though it’s you
who is chained behind walls,
even though
it’s you
who hears the bars lock
every night; it might as well
be me.
It’s surreal.
This is worse
than broken bones,
because even though you wait forever
to move your limbs,
at least they are still
by your side.
This is worse
than bleeding out,
because at least then,
you fall unconcious at some point.
This is standing on the edge,
and there is
I can do. It’s torture;
It’s surreal.
for anon and jailbird ‘my heart is locked away, and only you have the key’

send me your poetry/requests - What Is Sadness?

I want to send this one poem about sadness but it's just a bit too long so is there another way I can get it to you?

Yep love you can send it to my email BurningHoneyDandelions@hotmail.com or you can post it on your blog for me to reblog, or send through submissions :p

You're so cool. >w<.

I’m not the one with the radical shades on man. *cries into my toast and wishes for cool shades and a better way to reply to compliments*

my long distance boyfriend is in jail and he is literally the only thing that keeps me alive. please dont judge he's not in jail for harming someone. can you please write a poem about this? i tried but the words just dont come out right.

Of couuuuuurse! And i would never judge lol, my cousin has been in jail for so much shit its not even funny :p I will definitly work on that cx

What is sadness ? Sadness is the heavy heart that dives into your stomach to hide from bad news, the moment where the only word you can utter is " Oh. " Sadness is the panic attack, the hopelessness of sanity, the blood shot eyes and the trembling hands. Sadness is the empty promises, the broken hearts and the hidden skin that " The cat scratched. " Sadness is a type of silence, the only silence that screams.


Ok, so I never really used to give a shit about triggers, except for the obvious ones like ‘don’t make rape jokes’, until…
One day I was home alone, watching the movie Cyberbully, which is a cheesy-as-shit family movie starring Emily Osment for godsake, and there was a scene that started playing. It was the main character sad as whatever and trying to open a bottle of pills and she was sobbing and shit and her best friend came in and took the pills from her and she was snivelling that she ‘just wanted to die’ and lo and behold, one second i’m on the couch and the next i’m on the floor shitting tears.
It was the first panic attack/triggering experience I ever had and it was brought on by a fucking FAMILY CHANNEL movie.

The second time I was with my brother and we were watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries. It was about a year ago and guys, i’m not a little shit, I know there’s blood and gore in this show and zi don’t give a fuck, but out of nowhere, there pops up a scene and it’s Caroline who’s been compelled and all of a sudden she’s sitting there with blood everywhere and a knife in her hand repeating ‘I can’t stop cutting.’ And i’m like HOW THE FUCK did the producers decide it was okay to throw that in there with NO FUCKING WARNING AT ALL. So I ended up in the bathroom trying to get my lungs working properly again. And that is why I now give a shit about triggers. And I know poems aren’t nearly as intense as visuals but I do not want to be responsible for someone going through that. So please voice your concerns if I post something too intense. (I might write a poem about physical abuse but I will not delve into sexual abuse b/c that is too delicate a subject). Hope you guys submit and enjoi c: